Emotional Geography of Bradford Workshop


The Geography Coordinator at Horton Grange Primary School in Bradford contacted us to ask if we could put together a workshop day to promote the children’s knowledge of their local community. She explained that Geography was underrepresented in the curriculum and she wanted to excite the children about the subject. We focussed on the fact that the children’s knowledge of their local area was very limited and decided to plan a workshop that celebrated local, high profile landmarks within Bradford as well as places that are more familiar to the children, such as their school, the park and local mosques. The idea was to share how they felt about their local community, what their is available to do within their local community and also to get to know places where they had yet to visit in Bradford, in the hope they would become more knowledgeable about the community in which they live.

Below are some photos from the day, showing how we combined the artistic skill of our Designer Laura Hudson, to create an interactive map of key landmarks to give the children a tangible idea of where these places could be found in relation to their school; with the performance skill of our Artistic Director Claire Hills, to engage in performing arts and drama with the children to help them relay the emotions and actions of these places.