“Wow! Such an enjoyable event. Beautifully presented scenery and props. Very professional performance engaging children and staff throughout. Excellent.”

Mrs Clare Carney, St Martin’s Catholic Primary, Runcorn

“Excellent resources. Visually entertaining and interactive for Early Years. Our reception children are still trying to find Ruby in the outdoor area! Absolutely fantastic – have recommended the company and will definitely use you again.”

Jennie Matthews, Horton Grange Primary, Bradford

“Excellent, lively performance, fantastic interaction with the children. The children commented that they loved it and it was the best afternoon ever! Lovely resources include in the teachers pack.”

Year 1 Teacher, Horton Grange Primary, Bradford

“The children said the show was “smashing” and “fabulous”.  We loved the props and music.  Just the right length of time too.  Very good story discussion in the workshop, using words we have discussed in class such as “character” (this matched our Early Years Profile).  The children felt comfortable discussing and sharing ideas.   They obviously felt comfortable and enthused.  Good PSHE links.”

Miss Blaylock, Reception Teacher, Woodland Community Primary, Heywood

“Excellent performance, good educational pack, thoroughly enjoyed!”

Clair Allard, St Paul’s C of E Primary School, Salford

“Love the teacher’s resource pack – very useful. Brillant experience – thank you!”

Victoria Froggatt, St Paul’s C of E Primary, Salford

“Wonderfully engaging and appropriate to the children’s age range. Absolutely amazing experience! Loved it and the message in the story.”

Karen O’Nians, St Martin’s Catholic Primary School, Runcorn

“Good mix of comedy and information. Props, instruments and songs helped to maintain the children’s interest. Loved the invitations and certificates (the invitations) got my children excited before we even got there and the certificates will be a good starting point for discussion with parents. Liked how you said goodbye to them as they left the hall and greeted them as they arrived – sometimes nursery can get frightened with new things but this didn’t happen today.”

Rebecca Thorpe, St Paul’s CE Primary, Salford

“The atmosphere for the children the minute they walked into the hall was exciting. It was a magical, special hour and could not have been any better.”

Nicola Cole, Dalton Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Huddersfield

“We all really enjoyed the performance, our favourite bit was when we all got squirted by the cheeky little fish.”

Woodside Primary School, Bradford

“Just perfect for reception.”

Clayton Village Primary School, Bradford

“WOW!!! Magical”

Julie Butler, Clayton Village Primary School

“The children were enthralled throughout the performance and the story was perfect for their age (5-7 years). We loved Elva!”

Gillian Robinson, Lower Darwen Primary School

“The show was perfect for my Year 1 class, they thoroughly enjoyed it and were able to talk about the story & characters far more than going to see a pantomime”

Jeannette Brown, Lower Darwen Primary School

“The children were engaged an involved right from the start. The story was lovely and covered a number of ideas/learning opportunities.”

Natalie Kitchen, Clayton Village Primary School

“Wonderful story telling that enthralled the children! Comical and lively paced, thank you!”

Steph Jackson, Newbald Primary School

“Very good story telling, lovely set design and really enjoyed the performance, which was age appropriate. Thank you very much from a very happy class.”

Reception Class, BGS Infants

“A lovely Christmas story.”

Angela Fletcher, Shibden Head Primary School

“All children maintained full attention, joining in and demonstrating through facial expression enjoyment.”

Louise Nixon, Castlefields Pre-School

“Good story – children could follow, enjoy and join in with! Enjoyed puppetry and clever props and the way the children empathised with characters.”

Gill Wynn, St Augustines CofE Primary School

“A lovely story with lots of ideas we can build on, eg hibernation/nocturnal/bullying.”

Lyn Parker, Clayton Village Primary School

“The performance was fantastic, the children really enjoyed it.”

Louise Hodgson, Newbald Primary School

“The children were mesmerised by the puppets. Lovely story & staging.”

L Jennings, BGSG Infants

“Completely at the children’s level – and covered lots of different emotions too.”

Jenny Davies, Christ Church CofE

“Children voted 5/5. Thought it was excellent, and covered important issues about friendship etc very well.”

Sarah Boddy, All Saints Primary

“Very good, pitched at the right level for the age of the children. Good interaction with the pupils and the show kept the children engaged. The music was lovely as well as the little touches, like the snowflakes and water. We loved Sofia the Squirrel!”

Jill Kendall, St Paul’s Peel CofE Primary School

“The children loved the performance, especially the end when Elva went inside the house.”

M Brown, Lower Darwen Primary School


Leanne Thurlow, Newbald Primary School

“Loved it, loved it, loved it!! The children were totally engaged and the set was magical!”

Caroline Buchanan, Castlefields Infant School

“A fantastic, exciting and spellbinding performance. The children’s faces were a picture, totally absorbed with Elva in the forest!”

Zoe Clarkson, Holybrook Primary School

“The children have really enjoyed today. When I looked across, my children, every one of them, were completely mesmerised!”

Rachel Simpson, Christ Church CofE Primary School, Padgate