1st December

Story time with Claire & Christopher Nibble

2nd December

Make a Collage with Catherine

3rd December

Learn Makaton with Grace

4th December

Rod Puppets with Richard

5th December

Learn Makaton with Richard

5th December

Meet the team: james & catherine

6th December

Learn Makaton with Grace

7th December

Performance Poetry with Claire

8th December

Learn Makaton with Catherine

9th December

Warm up your voices with grace

10th December

Learn Makaton with Claire

11th December

christmas in dandeville town music video

12th December

Decorate wrapping paper with Grace

13th December

meet the team: grace & Claire 

13th December

learn makaton with richard

14th December

Explore accents with catherine

15th December

Make a battery from a lemon with richard

16th December

learn makaton with catherine

16th December

meet the team: laura & Richard

17th December

12 days of christmas music video

18th December

how to puppeteer with richard 

19th December

learn makaton with claire

20th December

if you love christmas music video

21st December

Making Sugar Cookies with Catherine

22nd December

Learn Makaton wth Grace 

22nd December

Make a puppet theatre with claire (Part 1)

23rd December

Make a puppet theatre with claire (Part 2)

24th December

Christmas Tree Music Video