Rachel Priest – Designer

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m an actress, always have been, always will be. When I was little I loved making up stories. Amongst my family and friends I am famous for my rendition of self penned interactive one girl show ‘The Creature in the Attic’. All the audience members had parts to play, and there were lots and lots of sound effects… it was a, um, what’s the word… spectacle?

Now I am all grown up, and I still love making up stories. When I was at school, theatre was my saviour – it helped me make friends, build in confidence, and learn about all sorts of things I otherwise wouldn’t have understood. I love theatre.

I’ve done all sorts of things since graduating alongside Claire with a 2:1 in Drama with Writing Studies. I’ve toured with children’s theatre companies including; West Midlands Children’s Theatre and Quantum Theatre. I’ve also done a fair whack of adult’s theatre, most recently working with Jelly Shoe Productions at The Lowry Theatre and with Watford Palace Theatre and Swine Theatre. You may also have spotted me on screen as a paramedic in Coronation Street, a nurse in Emmerdale, on crime drama’s Blue Murder and Cold Blood, or if you were really lucky on screen at Cannes Film Festival in short film Pram. There really is no end to my talent. Honest.